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Len De Nys

MSc. Rehabilitation sciences and Physiotherapy
PhD Student 'Stress, Healthy Ageing & Physical Exercise (SHAPE)'
Founder of Huis der Levensstijl

Len De Nys works on the 'Stress, Healthy Ageing and Physical Exercise' (SHAPE) project during his PhD journey. His mission is to share his clinical and academic knowledge about Lifestyle Medicine and targeted diet and lifestyle interventions with therapists and the lay public to ultimately bridge the gap between science and clinical practice.

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Je kan je levensstijl effectief gebruiken als medicijn.

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"You can definitely increase your health span by creating long-lasting healthy habits"

Len De Nys

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I love to share my ideas, knowledge and experience with health professionals! I aim to translate the latest relevant science in the healthy ageing field directly into clinical practice.

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About Len De Nys

Experience and expertise

Healthy Ageing education

I want to create awareness about the science of targeted diet- and lifestyle interventions to increase healthspan. That is why I founded the 'House of Lifestyle', a place for education and consultancy for healthy ageing and longevity. I'm always in for a talk or a lecture about diet-and lifestyle strategies for health and well-being.

Personal story

Through personal and clinical experiences, I discovered the effectiveness of healthy lifestyle strategies in tackling chronic health conditions. Through my in-depth knowledge and passion about the science of Lifestyle Medicine, I hope to inspire professionals and patients on their health journey.


I have a Master's in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy and conducting a PhD study about Stress, Healthy Ageing en Physical Exercise at the University of Stirling of Scotland. My clinical expertise is in stress and sleep management and auto-immune conditions.

Len De Nys: CV

About my courses

Translating the latest relevant scientific knowledge about healthy ageing and diet-and lifestyle interventions into clinical practice.

Creating healthy and long-lasting habits

Providing the right information doesn't always result in long-lasting healthy behaviours. You will get insights on how to create healthy habits to change your behaviour to sustain your health.

Theoretical background and practical tools

I gather novel and innovative scientific knowledge about diet- and lifestyle interventions in the Healthy Ageing field. I aim to provide tips and tricks applicable in clinical practice.

Topics of the courses and special expertise

Currently, the focus of my courses is in the area of diet- and lifestyle interventions for (1) Healthy Ageing, (2) Stress and sleep management or (3) Auto-Immunity.

Len De Nys: Lijst


The effects of physical activity on cortisol and sleep

Managing stress and having good quality sleep are essential for health, and both factors seem to be affected by physical activity. Although there is an established bidirectional relationship between stress and sleep, remarkably few studies have been designed to examine the effects of physical activity on cortisol, a biomarker for stress, and sleep. Therefore, we conducted a systematic review.

Systematic review and meta-analysis

Exercise can reduce stress and improve sleep – particularly for women with breast cancer

An article that explains the research we conducted about stress and sleep for the lay public. With over 5000 reads in two months, we might conclude that many people suffer from stress and sleep complaints.

The Conversation article (June 2022)

Minder stress en betere nachtrust dankzij lichaamsbeweing

Blogpost in EOS

Stress en slaap zijn verbonden en kunnen positief beïnvloed worden door lichaamsbeweging. Welk soort beweging heeft de beste impact op stress en slaap? Wat is het beste tijdstip om aan lichaamsbeweging te doen? PhD-onderzoeker Len De Nys onderzocht het en schreef er deze blog over.

The effects of physical activity on cortisol and DHEA(S) in older adults

Systematic review and meta-analysis

Age-related changes affect the ratio between two steroid hormones of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone (sulfate) (DHEA[S]). Physical activity (PA) may buffer the effects of chronic stress and counteract the aging decline of DHEA(S). Therefore, a systematic review was conducted to understand how PA influences physiological markers of cortisol and/or DHEA(S) and whether there is a difference in observational associations or experimental effects in older adults aged 65 years and older.

Len De Nys: Lijst

Inspirational downloads

Be inspired and inspire your community

Is een slechte houding de oorzaak van rugpijn?


Een wetenschappelijk overzicht van veel gestelde vragen over de rol van houding bij rugpijn. Makkelijk af te drukken op A3 om in de praktijk omhoog te hangen.

 LifeMe podcast (Dutch)


I'm the host of the LifeMe podcast. LifeMe is a Belgian society of healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. It aims to create awareness around the effectiveness of healthy lifestyle strategies to combat chronic health conditions and improve health and well-being.

Defy the Hallmarks of Ageing


This E-book creates an overview of which diet-and lifestyle strategies effectively tackle five specific Hallmarks of Ageing.

Tame the fire, awaken the beast


This e-book gives an outline of proven diet-and lifestyle strategies to reduce chronic inflammation in the body. It's written for sports enthusiasts, however, it provides valuable tools for anyone struggling with chronic inflammatory diseases.

Combat Long-COVID with lifestyle interventions


This is a guide for healthcare professionals looking to get to the root cause of their patient's ongoing disease symptoms. This is a health-focused approach complementary to conventional medicine. It is made to offer insights and directions and does not claim to be the only approach.

Len De Nys: Bestanden

Upcoming Events

  • Gezond ouder worden, kansen voor de fysiotherapeut?!
    04 apr. 14:00 – 21:00
    Maassluis, Uiverlaan 20, 3145 XN Maassluis, Nederland
  • Trainen voor een langer leven: Hormoonbalans en de regeling van de cellulaire signaalsymfonie.
    21 apr. 09:00 – 17:00
    Gent, Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 105, 9052 Gent, België
    Hormonen doen veel meer dan je denkt. Ze beïnvloeden je hele lichaam, je geest én je hele fysiologie. Lichaamsbeweging en gerichte dieet-en levensstijl interventies kunnen dit optimaliseren. Dit is belangrijk voor zowel een ‘gewone’ patiënt, als een atleet in je praktijk.
Len De Nys: Events Multiple

Do you have questions or ideas for 'House of Lifestyle'? Do you want to book me for talks about all things healthy lifestyle? Please E-mail me now.

Len De Nys: Tekst

Meet the rest of the team

Len De Nys: Tekst
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